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Audit Exchange Mailbox

Secure Exchange environment by auditing Exchange mailboxes via a user-friendly tool - LepideAuditor for Exchange Server
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Audit Exchange Mailbox
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24 June 2015

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A tool that helps audit MS Exchange administration.

Email is a vital tool fr any large organizations. Exchange helps administer this vital communications tool. It is quite a complex tool. Managing various settings is vital for proper working of the communication channel. Further, any malicious changes made by internal employees have the potential for chaos. Thus, it is absolutely essential that changes be monitored from both administrative as well as security reasons. Aministrative oversight needs to ensure that company confidential and top-secret business information does not fall prey to unauthorized people. As a company grows, the size of Exchange Server, managing and keeping a watch on ongoing activities gets tougher for the administrator. Exchange Auditing software constantly notifies IT supervisors of changes taking place within the Server by generating real-time notifications. Alerts will be sent out to authorized personnel related to unauthorized access, security threats, or critical changes.

This audit tool will be able to pinpoint details like who changed what, where and when. It is possible to add Exchange Servers from different domains for change auditing. Administrators will be able to audit and track the groups, public folders, mailboxes, stores, address books, permissions, distribution lists, etc. from this centralized location. Additional features include Active Directory auditing, GPO auditing, SharePoint auditing and SQL Server auditing, etc.. Change data could be tracked at predefined intervals. You are able to track permissions, groups, address books, mailboxes, stores, public folders, distribution lists, and Exchange Servers within the domain. Reports that you need often can be in a group named favorites so that they are prepared every time reports are requested. Real-time alerts on occurrence of critical events can be sent. These could include unauthorized access, security threats, critical changes, etc. This is a very good tool.

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Exchange Server auditing with LepideAuditor for Exchange Server lets an organization secure and protect the critical Exchange Server database from falling into the hands of unwanted people. But the problem that most of the enterprises face is – their IT administrators seldom get a comprehensive tool to audit Exchange mailboxes. With LepideAuditor for Exchange Server, all their security concerns are eliminated due to an auditing software that can perform Exchange auditing easily and quickly. This enables them to audit multiple Exchange Servers of different domains from a centralized location. Also it can automate the auditing and data collection as per the requirement of the administrator.
Using this tool the administrator can also collect even the minutest details like Who changed What, Where and When. It is absolutely convenient, safe and secure to audit Exchange mailbox using LepideAuditor Suite. Auditing can be performed from a centralized location either manually or by automation, and can also generate real–time alerts for highly critical changes in the Exchange environment. In total, you can generate more than 40 easy-to-analyze graphical reports meant for objects, modifications, permissions, policies, and configuration. Mailbox related reports can provide you information about Administrator Mailbox Access, Owner Mailbox Access, Non-Owner Mailbox Access, and Delegated User Mailbox Access. Before purchasing this tool, you can try the demo evaluation version of this software absolutely free. The trial version works for a period of 15 days only. After that you can purchase the full version to continue with its usage. For more details, please visit
Audit Exchange Mailbox
Audit Exchange Mailbox
Version 15.1
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